(Plus a little rant at the end...)


  • $1.1 Billion (with a “B”)
  • Up 27% over last year
  • $762 Million of revenue from their Premier Agent Program (about ¾ of their revenue)


Profit and Loss

  • $94 Million loss for 2017 (ouch!)
  • $35 Million projected profit for 2018


Sales & Marketing

  • $448 Million invested into Sales & Marketing in 2017 (!) (almost half of their revenue!?!)


Commissions Generated

  • $6.5 Billion of commissions generated in 2017
  • Based on their calculations, this represents 7.5% of all commissions generated in 2017*

*This stat, to me, is fascinating.


It seems like a lot of Realtors’ attention, time, energy and distraction goes into Zillow for only 7.5% of the commissions.


Don’t get me wrong, $6.5 Billion is a lot of money.  I understand that, for some Realtors, Zillow generates massive results.


I see too many Realtors dabbling in Zillow.  It seems that a clear strategic decision along with a massive commitment needs to be made in order to attract part of the $6.5 Billion.


If the commitment cannot be made to Zillow, stop being distracted by it and focus on the other 92.5% of commission revenue that is available to you.


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